How to: Deal with Rain on Your Wedding Day

A bride-to-be’s worst nightmare is  usually an element that is out of her control. For some, that nightmare becomes real at the first sight of a storm cloud on the morning of their ceremony. However, rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to mean a ruined day! Follow these tips and tricks to not let bad weather put a damper on your big day:

  • Umbrella Wedding Favors: Provide a basket of umbrellas at the entrance of your outdoor wedding ceremony. If it rains, your guests will be covered, and if it’s sunny, they can be made more comfortable under some optional cover!
  • Clear Tent:  With a large, clear tent in place to house your outdoor reception/ceremony, everything is already covered – rain, or shine! Get the kind with the zip-away sides, so you don’t have such a protective tent in place if the weather turns out clear. In the case of rain, water drops falling above your head can do wonders for adding some ambiance to any dinner or reception. The example shown below wouldn’t have half of this etherial dreaminess had the weather not been a little gloomy!
  • Shoe options: Rainboots can add a pop of fun color and quirk to any rustic wedding! Alongside your ceremony shoes, acquire a pair of functional AND cute rain boots. They make for great wedding photos, and a much comfier outdoor reception than trudging around (outside of the tent) in your heels. Take the fun one step further and get matching boots with the whole bridal party!
  • Embrace it: While rain might not be a factor in the wedding of your dreams, some cultures pray for it! Rain is a symbol of new growth, fertility, and a fresh, renewed start. It is the seen as lucky as you move forward to a happy marriage. Though it might seem hard, try to take a deep breath and remember, with or without the inclement weather, you’re about to marry the love of your life. If that’s not something to smile about, what is?! 
  • Use it to your advantage: If you’re willing to get a little messy, rain can make for incredibly romantic, dramatic wedding photos! After the reception, forget about the state of your appearance and jump into the rain. You’ll probably walk away looking like a wet dog, but you won’t regret the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime photos that can come from letting yourself be carefree for a little bit! Not in the mood to ruin your do’? 
  • Have a game plan: If you aren’t looking to get messy, have a back up plan in place (with the help of your photographers and planners) in case of rain. Prior to the wedding, take your photographer to scout the venue for alternative places to take formal portraits in the event of inclement weather. With a back-up plan in place, nobody will be scrambling to adjust at the last minute — alleviating some of the stress of the big day.


Written by Emma Andrews

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