Do you love weddings?
So weird, we do too!

Mint Julep – The Blog is a collection of inspiration and resources for this challenging and charming wedding world.

The Blog is curated  for you by the Team at Mint Julep Event Studio, a boutique wedding firm based in Annapolis, Maryland. I know, I know, that’s all well and nice, but really…who are we?

We are a team who’s sole mission is to give each client their dream event, with flawless organization and a style all of their own. Our equally detailed and design-minded team has over 30 years combined experience in the event industry, each bringing their own unique skill set to the table. Over the years we have done events of all shapes & sizes, while always putting our clients first. For us, it is all about the trust factor. We establish a strong, lasting relationship with each couple, ensuring that that they have their dream wedding – down to every detail.

Our new blogging venture will be the same – thoughtful, vibrant, and genuine – all wrapped in a bow with LOVE…enjoy!


Karey Hein Owner . Designer .Planner

Karey Hein
Owner . Designer . Planner

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Katie Grey                                                                            Planner . Writer

Leslie Wilson Planner . Writer

Leslie Wilson
Planner . Writer

Grace Bloomfield Assistant Planner . Writer . Student at Tulane University

Grace Bloomfield                                            Assistant Planner . Writer .                                      Student at Tulane University

Sarah Lubawski Designer . Editor

Sarah Lubawski
Designer . Writer .Editor