2016 Wedding Dress Trends

Since the beginning of time, with the passing of seasons comes the passing of trends. Some of these, we’re thankful for (I’m looking at you, Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuits), and some are a bit harder to let go of. However, many people don’t realize that this goes not only for the world of fashion, but for the wedding industry as well! Keep reading to find out about some changes you might have missed:

  • 2-Piece Dresses: With the second-coming of the crop-top trend, there’s no suprise that crop-tops have weasled their way into the wedding world. The 2-piece dress trend is a bride’s twist on a crop-top, albeit a bit classier version! In many instances, the 2-piece dress isn’t necessarily a cropped top and a skirt; but two separate full-length articles coming together to create the illusion of one dress. In whatever case, this trend is adding some expressive flair to an article of clothing that tends to be more classic and timeless.

  • Neckline:  Long gone are the days of strapless dresses boasting sweetheart necklines. In the coming seasons, trendsetting brides are lusting after the ultra-chic illusion neckline.
  • Non-White Wedding Dresses: It’s 2016, and women are more empowered than ever. This awesome shift in attitude has lead to tons of women saying “bye-bye!” to traditional white weddings, and wearing whatever color they want on their big day. Afterall, who said wedding dresses had to be white?

  •  The Modern Bridesmaid: Let’s face the facts — nobody wants to have an entire closet stuffed with unflattering gowns (à la Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses). That’s where Vow to Be Chic  comes into play. It’s a dress rental service perfect for the modern bridal party, who realizes how expensive of an honor being a bridesmaid can sometimes be! Brides curate a collection of gowns for their bridal party, and bridesmaids choose to rent whatever style and sizes fit their body best. Two weeks before the wedding, your gown (along with a backup size) come in the mail, and get sent back in a pre-paid package afterward. This convenient service comes to you for as little as $65!




Written by Emma Andrews

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