Nailing Your First Dance

“Our first dance introduces our couple style to the world!” – Bride Wars



The “first dance” is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your new spouse to dance for the first time as a married couple. With this moment being so symbolic, it had me wondering — why do so many couples ignore their first dance, or sometimes even worse, completely stress out over it.

The typical couple that doesn’t consider their first dance much in advance of the wedding are very confident in their rhythm, or just consider other details more important for their big day. How hard could it be to share a dance with the person you love, right? The couple that stresses over the first dance typically…let’s just say either one part (or both parts) of the couple are lacking in the rhythm department, or are just shy about dancing with an audience!

Confident or shy, here are some tips for your perfect first dance:

  • Pick a song that is an appropriate length. Your guests will lose interest after the first 1:30min. If your perfect song is too long, work with your DJ to shorten the song to two minutes.
  • Pick a song that has significance to you and your spouse. You don’t have to pick the latest top 40 love song.
  • Be creative! The couple shown in the video below had a very elegant wedding, but manage to incorporate their love of Star Wars into their first dance. I LOVE this idea. (I’ve always secretly wanted to have a light saber battle with my husband)

  • If you’re nervous, take dance lessons! You don’t have to take weeks of lessons at the most expensive dance school in your area. Find a dance instructor who can teach you a few steps and help boost your confidence. Sidenote: when practicing, DO NOT practice repeatedly to your first dance song. You’ll despise hearing it it by the time your wedding day rolls around.

Happy Wedding Planning! 


Written by Leslie Wilson

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