Five Ways to Include your Furry Friend in the Wedding

Planning a wedding often comes with the struggle of trying to find a way to include or honor all of the important people in your life. Your sister – the maid of honor, your favorite nephew – the ring bearer, the list goes on!  However, people often neglect to include the special person that plays a bigger role in your life than most — your pet. 

As a team of pet-loving wedding planners, (see: Carmen, wedding cat extraordinaire, for more details), we’ll be the first to support any animal addition to your wedding design. Pets are there for you through the good, the bad, and the ugly — why shouldn’t they be there for the biggest day of your life?

1. Photos 

Whether it’s the engagement announcement or day-of photos, let your pet play a part.

From close-up solo shots, to just hanging around the happy couple, there are so many ways to include them in your forever memories. A particularly well-behaved pet could even help a photographer out with some unique detail shots!

 2. Help with the Recessional

Your pets may not be able to walk you down the aisle, but they can help walk you out! Make a grand exit being led by the animals you love the most.


3. DIY Embellishments for an adorable wedding day ensemble

If your pet isn’t directly involved with the wedding, but plans to be around, make sure they look wedding appropriate! Help amp up their style with a DIY floral collar & leash, or give them a touch of class with an elegant bowtie or top-hat.

4. Customized Details

There is an endless array of ways you can subtly work your pet into the details of your wedding. Have a poorly behaved pup, but feel wrong leaving them out of the big day? Carry them with you down the aisle, without worrying about actually carrying them down the aisle!

Take the pet appreciation one step further by including their likeness on your save the dates, your escort card displays, etc. The ultimate sign of love? Including them in one of the essential wedding traditions: a cake-topper display.

5. Flower Girl/Ring Bearer 

A traditional way to include a well-behaved pet in a wedding is to assign them the role of ring bearer or flower girl. If you’re worried about them straying from the task at hand, pair them with a human member of the wedding party!

Written by Emma Andrews

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