Honeymoon Essentials: Pacific & Asian Adventures

The big day is coming up. Everything is planned down to an exact, well-executed science. You are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life — marriage. While the wedding is still upon you, don’t forget about the other important journey you’re about to take … your honeymoon! We’ve created a list of well-curated, thoughtfully chosen items that are essential to your effortless honeymoon bliss, no matter where your trip takes you. 

A honeymoon spent traipsing around destinations like Thailand, Tibet, and Indonesia makes for the perfect getaway for any adventurous newlywed couple!

Join us on our final installation of our Honeymoon Essentials mini-series: Pacific & Asian Adventures.

Pacific Adventure (1)


An essential when traveling to any warm, humid climate is bug spray. There is never a shortage of mosquitos in Southeast Asia, so come prepared with a bottle of bug spray. We like this one because of its gentle Rosemary aroma, rather than the stinky chemical smell typically associated with insect repellant.

While you’re at it, toss a bottle of sunscreen in your bag too! A good traveling motto is “always better to be safe than sorry”. 


Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines are full of breathtaking beach destinations. Look just as beautiful as the beaches by rocking some stylish swimwear. This Mara Hoffman Cut-Out one-piece is the perfect honeymoon attire: sexy, but with enough coverage that you don’t feel guilty eating that second helping of dessert.


Shade your eyes from the bright tropical sun in these trendy, round sunglasses. These actual rose-colored glasses will have you seeing everything in a beautiful light, AND fit in perfectly with the easygoing, Pacific vibes.


This sunhat will not only protect you from the strong near-equator rays, but doubles as a cool bohemian accessory. Win-win!


Though temperatures might be warm, it is important to keep your destination in mind. While visiting Tibetan temples, among other sacred spots, you may run into a more conservative dress code requirement.

Play it safe by opting for full-length, breathable pants, rather than a riskier alternative that could leave you with regrets later.  Longer length items can also help keep bugs and sunburn at bay!


The Lonely Planet’s guide to Thailand will help you narrow down what you should make a point to experience, and what’s worth skipping. Fill your honeymoon with only the best memories!

Consider also picking up a copy of Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke which will lead you to your most exciting, affordable adventures across the globe!


While exploring, you won’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping up with your items. Opt for an easy, chic backpack that’s big enough to hold your stuff, but not big enough to weigh you down.


Versatile and weather appropriate, you can’t go wrong with a pair of versatile rubber flip flops. This pair is easy to throw on-and-off, easy to clean, and comfortable for exploring many different terrains.

Written by Emma Andrews

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