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How many weddings do you do each weekend?
One. We are in the camp of Quality over Quantity! No detail is too small, so having just one wedding
each weekend allows us to focus and give our full attention to you on your wedding day.

Why Mint Julep vs. other planning companies?
Short and simple: We are a seasoned team committed to our clients.
Amongst us, we have 30+ years of experience in the event industry, and every member of our team has a background in hospitality and customer service. This naturally flows into our philosophies as a company. We thrive on smiles, creating a unique relationship with all of our Brides to create a fun experience out of the planning process! When it comes down to it, we just want you to have the most amazing time with the one you love and have the wedding day exceed your every expectation.

Will hiring a Wedding Planner take away the fun of planning the wedding by myself?
No way! All of our Brides have been different, but one thing all of them value is TIME. We take care of the tedious tasks so that you can truly enjoy this special stage in your life. You can be involved as much or as little as you would like. We work closely with all of our Brides to make sure that their ideas and preferences are heard because, well, it IS your wedding after all!

My venue already has an on-site coordinator; why do I need Mint Julep?
We love working at venues with on-site coordinators. It lets us know that the venue and their staff will be on point and delivering excellent service to our client. Their first priority (which is crucial) is to help with the flow of the venue first and foremost (and rightfully so!), while our first priority is you, taking care of the logistics outside of the venue. We are able to see things from a holistic perspective, since we are there throughout the process. We complement each other in this way, helping us all to work as a team to make sure the night is perfect!

Will you bring an assistant on the day of the wedding?
Always. We incorporate at least one assistant into every package, as wedding planning is a team endeavor.

How much does a wedding planner cost?
It depends on what you need! We are true believers in being honest and fair, so we wouldn’t stop at pricing.
All of our pricing and packages are customized to reflect the level of assistance you need and the cost it
would take for us to deliver our services with the level of quality our company is founded on.

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